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    Byarsa, the first eco-friendly boutique hotel in Skardu, translates to “place of summer’ in the local Balti language. Located in the heart of lower Kachura, nestled between three magnificent mountain ranges; the Hindukush, the Karakoram and the Himalayas, our guests can enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty of this beautiful region. Coupled with our unparalleled service, your stay at Byarsa promises to be a memorable one.

    Our Story

    The idea was to create a space that offers the luxuries and amenities of internationally renowned hotels, within Pakistan in an effort to promote local tourism and encourage people to come and witness the untouched beauty that our country has to offer.
    We wish for people to experience, firsthand, the warmth and hospitality that Pakistanis have the potential to extend. We have worked tirelessly to make Byarsa an unforgettable, go-to vacation destination for everyone

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    Dine-In at Byarsa

    At Byarsa Hotel, we try to give our guests a taste of the rich Balti culture,

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    We are available to cater to all your requests and to make sure your stay with Byarsa is a memorable one.

    Lower Kachura Shangrila road, Gulshanabad Skardu


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