Our Story

The idea was to create a space that offers the luxuries and amenities of internationally renowned hotels, within Pakistan in an effort to promote local tourism and encourage people to come and witness the untouched beauty that our country has to offer. We wish for people to experience, firsthand, the warmth and hospitality that Pakistanis have the potential to extend. We have worked tirelessly to make Byarsa an unforgettable, go-to vacation destination for everyone.

Our Philosophy

We, at Byarsa, realize that the hospitality industry is one that generates an excess amount of waste and are committed to limiting our carbon footprint on the earth. Keeping with our eco-friendly philosophy, we have ensured that most of our furnishings and decor have been made using reclaimed, locally sourced materials. Furthermore, given the rapid development of the Gilgit Baltistan region as a popular tourist destination, we are working closely with the local government in an effort to form a proper waste disposal system in the area.